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Having a great looking eBay or eCommerce store is an important aspect of your online business.
It’s important to engage your customers as quickly as possible and show them that you mean business.
But how do you get people to your store in the first place? How do they find you? How do you take your small local business and turn it into a successful nation-wide and even global business?

There’s only one word for this answer.

Fuse Retail is changing the way Australian’s do business online by teaching you, absolutely everything you need to know about running your eBay and eCommerce stores the right way, the proven way, getting results.

Why Fuse Retail?

Because we give you what you need!

Our two-day interactive workshops will cover a range of topics and give participants
the opportunity to learn through practical measures. It’s not just note taking.

What makes Fuse Retail unique?

  • our combined experience and extensive knowledge of eBay and the ecommerce industry
  • our current contacts, client bases and respected reputation within the industry
  • delivering a service where there is a gap in the market
  • our competitive pricing structure
  • our interactive and hands-on workshops.
  • our results!

We’re different!

Fuse Retail events will feature concepts not easily found at other conferences and seminars. Our Pop Up Photography/Video studios will show you on what it takes to merchandise your items. Guest mentors and featured guests will be mingling throughout the 2 days to advise merchants on all things Online Retail.

Fuse Retail has ‘fused’ the brains and power of Australia’s 4 largest and most trusted industry leaders to empower you with exactly what you need to succeed on eBay and eCommerce.

Education is based on eBay and eCommerce best practice as promoted by the world’s largest online platforms and largest sellers.

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